Who we are

Our mission

Operation Red Nose is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible behaviour to prevent driving while impaired. The organization provides a volunteer chauffeur service, the benefits of which are redistributed to help finance projects for youth and amateur sports, as well as other awareness activities.

Our vision

To be an agent of change for impaired driving awareness, and to contribute to road safety by offering flexible services that are adapted to various types of clients, the benefits of which will be used for youth and amateur sports projects.

Our Values

To show integrity, thoroughness, and flexibility by implementing a responsible management ethic while aiming at sustainability and independence.



To commit to deploying sustained awareness efforts by offering services that are adapted to local needs in all respect and cooperativeness, as well as by offering a rewarding experience while supporting local communities.



To cooperate in a concerted way with the volunteers, the local organizations, and the local partners in a spirit of openness, trust, and recognition to benefit all of society.



To trust the various stakeholders by allowing them autonomy and development opportunities, while promoting accountability in their actions and decisions.

An idea that goes a long way

In 1984, Jean-Marie De Koninck was a university mathematics professor. He was also coach of Laval University's swim team in his spare time, and he was looking for a way to fund athletic scholarships for the student athletes at Laval University.

One September day that year, as he was driving home and listening to the radio, he heard frightening statistics about impaired driving. He was appalled by the data indicating that more than 50 % of all fatal crashes were caused by impaired drivers.

He heard a bartender say that most clients, late at night, did not feel comfortable leaving their vehicle behind and take a cab home. He then thought, Why not involve the 25 swimmers on his team and offer motorists who have been drinking a safe ride home in their own vehicle. With the collaboration of the Quebec City Police and the CHRC local radio station, the first Operation Red Nose campaign was held from December 13th to 23rd, 1984.

Une idée qui a fait du chemin 1
Une idée qui a fait du chemin 2

From a mere fundraising idea was thus born an important annual road safety campaign held over the holiday season, the benefits of which are felt throughout the year. A safe ride service which is now well known by the population and which has a deep impact through its non-moralistic and humoristic approach. Operation Red Nose does not encourage nor condone drinking: « Don’t drive if you are impaired », is the message it portrays.

Since then, Operation Red Nose has continuously grown and developed new services to strengthen the positive impact of its road safety awareness campaign. In addition to offering the safe ride service in 100 communities across the country, Operation Red Nose also brings its awareness message to education institutions and businesses through various awareness programs!

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