Temple de la renommée
de l’Opération Nez rouge

Let’s celebrate our
exceptional volunteers

Every year, more than 50,000 Canadians will take part in Operation Red Nose as volunteers. Each of them offers one of more evenings of their time to their community so the holidays can remain a festive season for all. Without their precious collaboration, our safe ride service would not exist.

Aware of the indispensable role our volunteers have played since the very first Operation Red Nose campaign in 1984, we have decided to honour those who have impacted our history by offering them a unique volunteer vest.

The Hall of Fame is our way of thanking those volunteers, past and present, who have distinguished themselves on the national level, to feature their commitment story, and to let them know how much they have played a big part in the history of Operation Red Nose.



In Memoriam – David Latouche – Operation Red Nose

Operation Red Nose

David Latouche, Communications Captain, was a star player who always helped his teammates to shine. His reassuring presence and his advice helped everyone surpass themselves. His jokes and his contagious laughter also brought a great deal of warmth everywhere he went. It was a real honor to have had David in the Operation Red Nose family for 10 years.


Éric Bouthillette


Éric Bouthillette has been a volunteer for 19 years and has been involved in every aspect of this great organization. He is known for legendary calm and implacable logic; he knows how to untangle problems and issues like no one else. May the bright “Red Nose” flame burning in him never go out!


Garry Geisler

Langley-Surrey (British Columbia)

Ever since 1998, meaning the beginning of Operation Red Nose in Langley-Surrey, Mr. Geisler has been deeply involved. Not only has he been the Coordinator, but he was also a mentor to Operation Red Nose Delta-Richmond and Tri-Cities when they first started. He has always committed with enthusiasm, heart, and dedication!


Jean-Paul Bilodeau


Mr. Bilodeau is a model of devoted volunteer for his community. This man knows how to bring people together and how to bring unwavering devotion to his involvement. A proud descendant of a large family, he has every year, since 2009, brought together around 30 members of the Bilodeau family from all over the province for a night offering the safe ride service!


Michel Gagnon


Mr. Gagnon took the reins of Operation Red Nose Saint-Jérôme in 2005. He is among those who really do what they say they will, and on whom we can count. This is extremely precious. Michel Gagnon knows to use his calm strength to promote the strong bonds bringing the volunteers of his region together!


Michel Legault


Michel Legault has been a volunteer with Operation Red Nose Nicolet-Bécancour for 25 years. He is a pioneer, since he first organized Operation Red Nose in his community with some of his friends in 1992. Mr. Legault is a beloved leader who knows how to promote an atmosphere of open camaraderie.



Jeanne D’Arc Crispin


Ms. Crispin has been deeply involved with Operation Red Nose for 20 years. First as a partner, then on the volunteer greeting team, and for the last few years, with the mascot committee, she dedicates herself fully in all aspects of her involvement. Ms. Crispin proudly wears her cap sporting 20 pins!


Linda Royal


Since 2011, Ms. Royal has developed the organization with her thoroughness, efficiency, and good humor. Her achievements are the result of hundreds of hours of preparation, canvassing, and persuasion. No matter how much time she devotes to her tasks as Coordinator, Linda also finds time to join a team on the road!


Normand Ménard


Mr. Ménard knows every meaning of the word cooperation! He has made himself available during all of the last 18 campaigns, night after night, fulfilling many different roles to make sure everything always runs smoothly. He is a thorough, hardworking, and completely reliable man!


Pierrette Rochette

Quebec City

Ms. Rochette joined the great Operation Red Nose family 31 years ago and has become a real pillar for the Quebec City headquarters. She has become known as “Ms. Smiles” and “Ms. Slippers”, sprinkling her legendary good spirit all over what she has come to call her second home!



Claire Paquet

Quebec City

Ms. Paquet has been a volunteer since 1986 and has always shown great thoroughness and discipline in her responsibilities and tasks. Her expertise, versatility, straight talk, as well as drive have without a doubt contributed to the success of Operation Red Nose Quebec City.


Gaétan Germain

Acadian Peninsula (New Brunswick)

Mr. Germain is for all intents and purposes the godfather of Operation Red Nose in New Brunswick. He always knows how to bring key actors together, and how to activate the best people to drive a good campaign. Such exceptional qualities make him a great leader, as we have seen in over 20 years!


Guy Vaillancourt


Ever since his very first campaign, Mr. Vaillancourt has participated in almost every night of operation. That represents an average of 25 nights every year, for 25 years! He is generous with his time, as well as with his interactions. It is important for him that everyone has a positive experience with Operation Red Nose!


Line Gaudreau

Quebec City

Ms. Gaudreau has been a volunteer for 30 years! Her excellent sense of humor and her legendary good mood make her such a pleasant person to be around. Her experience, versatility, and calm approach make her an invaluable asset for Operation Red Nose Quebec City!


Rick Watt

Quinte (Ontario)

For 13 years now, Mr. Watt has been very involved in Operation Red Nose Quinte. He brings energy and enthusiasm to the whole team. His commitment is beyond question! Like every great leader, he knows to recognize the success of Operation Red Nose as the result of teamwork!


Sandy Slavin

Lethbridge (Alberta)

Ms. Slavin has been involved in Operation Red Nose Lethbridge for over 20 years! She was one of the pioneers to first launch Operation Red Nose outside the province of the province of Quebec. She also remained on as a local coordinator during 2 full decades, which is extremely rare!



Kathleen Côté


Ms. Côté is very involved in Operation Red Nose Bellechasse. We wish to honor her for her wonderful personality, for her 200% commitment from January to December for the last 6 years, and because she is living proof that volunteerism will not disappear with her own generation.


Monique Guindon


The Outaouais region had no idea a lady of such passion and devotion would appear in their community over 20 years ago. Ms. Guindon is a trustworthy, proud, honest, empathic, and hard worker, with endless generosity. Her face is permanently lit by her ear-to-ear welcoming smile.


In Memoriam – Réal Fréchette


Mr. Fréchette was an exceptional volunteer, in whom the organization of Operation Red Nose Sherbrooke had unshakeable trust. His leadership could draw in numerous other volunteers, and his charisma could be felt all over headquarters. We will always remember the numerous beautiful moments we have had with you!



Jean Lemieux

Vice President, Operation Red Nose Board of Administrators

Mr. Lemieux is a great hands-on administrator. He has been spotted at the Quebec City headquarters since 1984: he is on-site to chat with other volunteers, to get behind the wheel and offer rides, to “live the experience of his organization”, all because he enjoys it so much!


Magella Lavoie

Charlevoix Ouest

Mr. Lavoie has been involved for over 20 years! His flexibility makes him very efficient, able to draw the best from all available resources, while keeping a healthy control on the workspace. He is known as a pillar on the team of volunteers!


Réal Bolduc


Mr. Bolduc is a walking encyclopedia of Operation Red Nose Beauce-Etchemins! With knowledge going back 21 years, he has become the reference for the organization. His vividly inexhaustible memory, as well as his indestructible intracranial hard drive make him an essential resource for anyone who wants to know more about the organization.



Marcel Jobin

Member, Operation Red Nose Board of Administrators

Following a meeting with Jean-Marie De Koninck, Quebec City region businessman Mr. Jobin worked to rally partners to the project, recruited the first volunteers, and designed the logistics of the very first Operation Red Nose campaign in December 1984. Thank you for your contribution to the success of Operation Red Nose!


Jean-Marie De Koninck

Operation Red Nose Founder Jean-Marie De Koninck was simply everywhere: at headquarters by night, answering the media in the morning, meeting with partners, as well as teaching and coaching at the University during the day. 30 years later, he still brings the same energy to headquarters when he comes in to volunteer. Thank you for everything!



Daniel Boisclair


Mr. Boisclair has been a conscientious, dedicated volunteer with Operation Red Nose Normandin since 1992. He makes certain that everyone can get back home safely with a smile. His motivation to keep going is simply that he takes great pleasure in his role as a volunteer!


Robert Gagnon


Mr. Gagnon, a big-hearted police officer, has been a volunteer for 29 years! He combines his sense of humour with his dedication to security at Operation Red Nose. He always has funny anecdotes to talk about. His dedication, promotion of teamwork, and support are very much appreciated!



Jean-Pierre Gaudet


For as long as anyone can remember, Mr. Gaudet has always been the head of Operation Red Nose Îles-de-la-Madeleine. This Madelinot is well-known in his community for his outstanding commitment, versatility, and kindness. The safe ride service is strong in his area due to his committed work!


Nicole Pépin


Ms. Pépin has been a volunteer for 25 years now! Her leadership, resourcefulness, swiftness, and capacity to juggle several issues at once, as well as her outstanding sense of direction make her the head of dispatch that every coordinator wants by their side. Thank you, Ms. Pépin, for your invaluable contribution!



Jean-Marc Berger


Mr. Berger has been a volunteer for over 25 years. From the very beginning, he became involved with every level of the Operation Red Nose organization. He took charge of various tasks, including presiding the committee. His energy is contagious.


Pierre Bélanger


Mr. Bélanger has been a volunteer since the very beginning of Operation Red Nose Granby 11 years ago, and he has been involved in his community for over 27 years. He takes his annual vacation every December to coordinate the Operation Red Nose service.



Blaise Lessard

La Malbaie

Mr. Lessard has been involved with Operation Red Nose for more than 8 years as a member of the organizing committee. He has always brought great thoroughness, discipline, and meticulousness to his work. His unshakeable commitment through the years amounts to an exceptional contribution that bears mention.


Claude Chevalier


A career Ambulance Attendant, Mr. Chevalier has been a completely dedicated volunteer to the cause for over 20 years. He has held several positions in the organizing committee. Even while working as its President during many years, he was as enthusiastic as when he first started.


Gérard Proulx

Saint-Rémi-La Prairie

Mr. Proulx, a man of heart and of action, has been a volunteer for 12 years. He has served as Director, Coordinator, and President. He enjoys the buzz of activity and likes when things run smoothly. As a volunteer, Mr. Proulx spends much of his time in causes that are close to his heart.