Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Protecting privacy and confidentiality is a major preoccupation of the Canadian people. Operation Red Nose has implemented specific measures to protect the personal information of employees, volunteers, members, clients, donors, partners, and other stakeholders. Operation Red Nose understands the importance of protecting all personal information that people place in their care.
Operation Red Nose collects and uses such personal information for the purpose of projects and activities, the most important of which remains the annual rides campaign. Anyone who entrusts Operation Red Nose with this type of information may rest assured it is always used or treated in complete respect of the consent that was given. All Operation Red Nose confidentiality policies have been designed to that end.

Definition of “Personal Information”

“Personal information” is defined as being any information that can be used to differentiate and identify a given person or to enter into contact with them. Such information may include the person’s opinions or beliefs, as well as facts about them or associated with them. Exceptions to such are professional directions and publicly available information such as their name, address, and any telephone number appearing in the directory; these may not be considered personal information.
Information in the public domain do not fall under laws governing the protection of privacy, and so are not covered by this policy.
Operation Red Nose systematically applies the following principles when collecting, updating, and using personal information.


This personal information is collected under the provision that all concerned parties consent to its collection at the time it was collected, and to its future use. This consent may be explicit or implicit, and may be supplied by the person themself or their authorized representative. Explicit consent may be given verbally, electronically, or in writing. Implicit consent may be reasonably inferred from the person’s actions or absence of action. Consent must be received before any personal information is forwarded to any third party.
We collect personal information directly from you when you contact us by filling out a Registration Form to become a volunteer in the yearly Operation Red Nose rides campaign. The forms we use include a section pertaining to consent, and allows us to collect, use, and communicate personal information about you under certain circumstances. It is important to read this section before signing the form.

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Google Analytics

We use the tool called Google Analytics to monitor the performance of our Website. Google Analytics uses persistent cookies (in English) to follow a visitor’s session, the behaviour of a visitor from one session to the next, and to identify referring sites. We also use the tool to evaluate the efficiency of promotional links. We never send personal information to Google Analytics, per Google Analytics Terms of Use (in English). Please note that this business saves its information on servers located in the United States, and that its activities fall under United States law. We use the information to ensure the quality of our Website and to better serve you. Anyone who wishes to block data collection by Google Analytics must use the Web browser complementary module for Google Analytics deactivation.

Scope of Data Collection

Collection of personal information is limited to what is required and useful for our programmes, our yearly rides campaign, and our fundraisers. If you refuse us access to such information or to grant us your consent concerning such access, it could prevent us from moving the process forward. Operation Red Nose will never engage in abusive or intrusive information search that would not be required for security purposes within the scope of its activities.
Scope of Use, Disclosure, and Conservation of Data
Personal information will never be used or disclosed for purposes other than the ones requiring their collection, except when the owner of such information has consented, or by legal obligation.


Personal information will be as complete, accurate, and up-to-date as possible. We recommend that volunteers, members, clients, donors, and all other stakeholders regularly verify, correct, and update their personal information.

Security Measures

Personal information collected by Operation Red Nose will be treated with all respect for confidentiality. Staff members and volunteers for Operation Red Nose will only be authorized to access such personal information on the basis of strict necessity, and in conformity with the reason for its collection.
Every essential electronic and physical security measure will be put in place to ensure the safety of personal information. Access to such will be strictly limited to people whose responsibilities require it. All information pertaining to anonymous donors will benefit from special protection. The confidentiality of donor and volunteer information will continue to apply after relations have been terminated.
Regardless of what precedes, and despite all our good will and extant measures, no transmission of data on our Website or on the Internet in general is completely guaranteed or safe. Consequently, we may not affirm, justify, or guarantee that your personal information will be protected against loss, ill-use, or in-transit modification, and we therefore cannot accept any liability pertaining to personal information that you would transmit which third parties could use or misuse, should such personal information be intercepted while in transit via the Internet, or should we fall victim to a hacking attack.

Possession and Access

You may access all personal information that is yours and is located in your volunteer file by submitting a written request to the Operation Red Nose corporation. In order to make certain that such information is indeed only communicated to yourself, please include in your request photocopies of both sides of two (2) identification documents delivered by government, so that we may verify your identity.


Donors who ask that their name or the amount of their donation not be made public will remain anonymous.


Any and all Operation Red Nose stakeholders will have access to their information upon request.
You may get additional information about confidentiality as well as your rights pertaining to your personal information on the Website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at www.priv.gc.ca.

Changes to the Policy

We reserve the right to modify the policy herein at any time.

Coordinates of the Privacy Officer

If you have any questions about this policy, Operation Red nose's privacy practices, or would like to access your personal information, please contact : :

Privacy Officer
Operation Red Nose
2539, rue Marie-Fitzbach, Maison Couillard, Université Laval (Québec) G1V 0A6

By email: [email protected]