How does
Operation Red Nose’s
safe ride service work ?

The best way
to get home safe!

Created in 1984, Operation Red Nose’s safe ride service is available, during the month of December, to more than 100 communities across Canada. A simple phone call will get you a team of volunteers to drive you safely home. In addition, if you choose to make a donation, you will contribute to the financial support of a non-profit organization in your community. A smart choice which contributes to road safety as a whole!

Requesting a Ride

Contact your local Operation Red Nose organization

Find your local host organization’s phone number by entering your location.

Find your local organization


A team of volunteers to drive you home

Once you’ve made your call, a team of 3 volunteers will come meet you and drive you home in your own vehicle.



A donation that goes a long way

Operation Red Nose is also a crowdfunding campaign for more than 100 non-profit organizations with a mission to support youth or amateur sport. Learn more about how donations are used in your community.

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A call that saves lives

Choosing Operation Red Nose is a smart decision! By choosing our safe ride service, you contribute to help make roads safer for everyone during the holiday season.

Safe ride service