Frequently Asked Questions

When you call to ask for a ride, an operator will ask for your information (name, phone number, description of your vehicle, number of passengers, current location, and address of destination). This information will be given to one of our teams on the road, who will go to your location and take you to your destination in your vehicle. The service is free, and donations are accepted.

Please enter the city or address of your location here to access the dates and hours of operation in your community. The information is also available on the Nez Rouge mobile app, available for download on the App Store or Google Play.

The service is offered free of charge by our volunteers. However, donations are accepted and help finance projects aimed at youth and amateur sports in your region. The average donation is of 25$.

No, it is not possible to schedule a ride for a pre-determined date and time.

This is simply because it is impossible to ensure that volunteers will be available at any time of the evening, and because rides vary widely in duration.

Please enter the city or address of your location here to access the dates and hours of operation in your community.

Two volunteers must take place in your vehicle for the ride, and will sit in front. The number of safety belts in your vehicle determines the maximum number of people who may ride in your vehicle during the service.

No. To have a ride, it is mandatory to also have a vehicle. If you want a ride and you do not have a vehicle, we invite you to call a taxi, a transport application or use public transport.

Whether you have called because you are tired, because you have consumed something, or because you feel unsafe in winter driving conditions, we will be happy to safely take you where you wish to go.

All donations go to local organizations dedicated to youth or amateur sports. To know how the funds are used in your region, click HERE

It is possible to make a cash donation at the end of the ride. Some organizations also accept online donations HERE

The safety of volunteers and clients is our priority. When volunteers register, their identity and their driver’s licence are checked. There is also a rigorous background check process for all our volunteers.