Behind the scenes at Operation Red Nose,
a history of dedication

Here are the passionate people who take part in the success of Operation Red Nose every day. A team, young at heart, who’s main force is comprised of multiple and various talents.

Our team


Marilyn Vigneault

Executive Director


Marie-Chantal Fortin

National Development Coordinator


Julie Martineau

Operation Red Nose Quebec Coordinator and Speaker


Monique Mailhot

Director, Administration and Finances


Linda Champagne

Assistant, Administration and Finances


Simon Dufour

Director, Operations and Technologies


Nicolas Dion

Advisor, Marketing and Communications


Nacia Carbonneau

Coordinator, Operations


Andréanne Allard

Coordinator, Events and Partnerships


Amélie Despins

Communications Officer





Operation Red Nose is aware that our team will demonstrate greater efficiency, productivity, and performance when there is optimal balance between their work and their personal life. To that end, our organization works to offer each member of our team a stimulating, flexible, and friendly environment so that they may all blossom!

It is with this outlook that Operation Red Nose has taken the necessary steps to obtain the Concilivi Seal. The Seal is a confirmation that Operation Red Nose affords great importance to healthy management of the various aspects of the lives of its work team.

Among other measures, the Family-Work Balance Charter of our organization includes a flexible work schedule, a remote-work policy, a four (4)-day work week outside of the period surrounding the campaign, as well as the possibility of accumulating overtime in a time bank. This makes you want to join our fantastic team? Come on over here!



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