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Plan Your Safe Return.

The Red Nose mobile app: your Holidays have never been safer! Whether to help you plan your means of transportation wherever you’re going, or to guide you on the road when you volunteer with us, the functions of our app are as useful to our volunteers as they are to our clients.


What's New

It will now be possible to request a safe ride directly via the mobile application! Initiated as a pilot project and gradually rolled out over the month of December 2023, this feature aims to simplify the user experience of the safe ride service by offering them intuitive and seamless access. During the 2023 campaign, Operation Red Nose customers in the Montreal, Laval – Basses - Laurentides, Longueuil – Rive sud, Saint-Jérôme, and Saint-Hyacinthe regions will have the opportunity to preview this new feature.



Call Function

You only need your app to geotag you to get the telephone number and operating hours of the Operation Red Nose nearest you. You will also be able to get the information on your local taxi service for a safe return home if you need it.


Wait Time

Get an estimate of how long you’ll have to wait before our volunteers arrive to take you safely home. Please note that this enhanced feature is available in the Montreal, Laval – Basses Laurentides, Longueuil – Rive sud, Saint-Jérôme, and Saint-Hyacinthe regions. It will be gradually rolled out to other regions.


Functions that Follow You on the Road

The mobile application is an essential tool for volunteers. Before you take part in the campaign, it will allow you to easily register as an Operation Red Nose volunteer. During your volunteer evening, the Red Nose mobile app will enable you to receive transportation requests directly on your phone.

Download Now

The Red Nose mobile app is active throughout the year, with most functions available even when the ride service is not. Please note, however, that the Call and Wait Time tabs will be activated only at the beginning of the Operation Red Nose annual rides campaign.