Operation Red Nose,
more than a safe ride

Throughout the year, Operation Red Nose offers two exclusive awareness programs directly to businesses and education institutions to help promote responsible alcohol consumption, as well as prevent impaired driving.

C’est notre tournée!
Awareness Conference

C’est notre tournée! has been raising awareness with workers and professionals in businesses and organizations since 2006. Delivered in the signature non-judgemental and festive Operation Red Nose tone, the C’est notre tournée! conference covers various subjects pertaining to safe driving and impaired abilities:

  • Road Safety: Current Context
  • Throwing a Wrench in the Concentration of Drivers
  • What Can (and Does) Impair Abilities?
  • How to Help Stay in Focus!

Available all year long, on-site or online, the one-hour conference can be offered at any time of the day and night, according to the needs of the business or organization. It is intended for any audience, whether professional, corporate, manual workers, or others. Contact us for a quotation.

Conférence en entreprise C’est notre tournée


CAA Québec

Not My Ride

In partnership with the CAA-Quebec Foundation, Operation Red Nose helps young people say “it’s not my ride” when the driver is not at their best!

Throughout the school year, specialists from Operation Red Nose and the CAA-Quebec Foundation will provide the Not My Ride activity in schools across the province. Together, they will raise awareness about safe driving and impaired abilities in young people with the help of virtual reality tools.

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